2017 YPFL Program - Central Yorke Football Club

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2017 YPFL Program

Apr-01 Round 1
Kadina v Sth Eagles
Wallaroo v CMS Crows
Paskeville v CY Cougars
Bute v Ardrossan
Moonta v Bye

Apr-08 Round 2
CMS Crows C v Kadina
Sth Eagles Y v Bute
Ardrossan v Wallaroo
Moonta v Paskeville
CY Cougars v Bye


April 22 Anzac Round Round 3
Kadina v Bute
CY Cougars v Ardrossan
CMS Crows C v Sth Eagles
Wallaroo v Moonta
Paskeville v Bye

Apr-29 Round 4
CY Cougars v Wallaroo
Paskeville v Kadina
Sth Eagles Y v Moonta
Bute v CMS Crows
Ardrossan v Bye

May-06 Round 5
Kadina v CY Cougars
Ardrossan v CMS Crows
Sth Eagles W v Paskeville
Moonta v Bute
Wallaroo v Bye

May-13 Round 6
CY Cougars v Sth Eagles
Wallaroo v Kadina
CMS Crows M v Moonta
Ardrossan v Paskeville
Bute v Bye

May-20 Round 7
Bute v CY Cougars
Moonta v Kadina
Sth Eagles W v Ardrossan
Paskeville v Wallaroo
CMS Crows v Bye

May-27 Round 8
Moonta v CY Cougars
Kadina v Ardrossan
Bute v Wallaroo
CMS Crows M v Paskeville
Sth Eagles v Bye

May 28th Under 15 Carnival in NEFL

Jun-03 Round 9
Wallaroo v Sth Eagles
Paskeville v Bute
Ardrossan v Moonta
CY Cougars v CMS Crows
Kadina v Bye

June 10th  Association Game
Landmark Cup - Jamestown

Jun-17 Round 10
Sth Eagles W v Kadina
CMS Crows S v Wallaroo
CY Cougars v Paskeville
Ardrossan v Bute
Moonta v Bye

June  Female Carnival  YPFL

Jun-24 Round 11
Kadina v CMS Crows
Bute v Sth Eagles
Wallaroo v Ardrossan
Paskeville v Moonta
CY Cougars v Bye

Jul-01 Round 12
Bute v Kadina
Ardrossan v CY Cougars
Sth Eagles E v CMS Crows
Moonta v Wallaroo
Paskeville v Bye


Jul-15 Round 13
Wallaroo v CY Cougars
Kadina v Paskeville
Moonta v Sth Eagles
CMS Crows S v Bute
Ardrossan v Bye

Jul-22 Round14
CY Cougars v Kadina
CMS Crows S v Ardrossan
Paskeville v Sth Eagles
Bute v Moonta
Wallaroo v Bye

Jul-29 Round 15
Sth Eagles E v CY Cougars
Kadina v Wallaroo
Moonta v CMS Crows
Paskeville v Ardrossan
Bute v Bye

Aug-05 Round 16
CY Cougars v Bute
Kadina v Moonta
Ardrossan v Sth Eagles
Wallaroo v Paskeville
CMS Crows v Bye

August 6th  Under 14 Carnival in BL&G

Aug-12 Round 17
CY Cougars v Moonta
Ardrossan v Kadina
Wallaroo v Bute
Paskeville v CMS Crows
Sth Eagles v Bye

Aug-19 Round 18
Sth Eagles Y v Wallaroo
Bute v Paskeville
Moonta v Ardrossan
CMS Crows M v CY Cougars
Kadina v Bye

Aug 20 Mini Leaue Carnival   Minlaton

Aug-26 Qualifying Final
Moonta Oval
August 27th Elimination Final
Paskeville Oval
September 2nd Second Semi Final
Yorketown Oval
September 3rd First Semi Final
Bute Oval
September 9th Preliminary Final
Minlaton Oval
September 16th Grand Final
Kadina Oval

Curramulka (C)
Edithburgh (E)
Maitland (M)
Minlaton (Mi)
Stansbury (S)
Warooka (W)
Yorketown (Y)

Paskeville/Bute only play 1 colts game, so junior games concerning these teams start an hour later.
These clubs may also share an Under 12's team as well.
See your team manager for more info!

The Yorke Peninsula Football League actively promotes the development of Umpires throughout the League.

Umpires wearing Green Shirts are under training and guidance from Umpiring Coaches within the League. Players and supporters are reminded to be respectful of the learning process.

Gate Admission

Early Bird Rate: $5.00 before 9am

Early Bird Rate: $5.00 before 10am (Pask/Bute Only)

Adult (over 17): $7.00

Children: Free

Netballers with Uniform: Free

YPFL Football Budgets: $3.00 at gate

Netball Game Times

H Grade  9.00am

G Grade  10.15am

F Grade   9.00am

E Grade   10.15am

D Grade   11.30am

C Grade   12.45pm / 2.00pm / 3.15pm

B Grade   2.00pm / 3.15pm / 12.45pm

A Grade   3.15pm / 12.45 / 2.00pm

Football Game Times

Mini League / Auskick: 9:00 am

Junior Colts: 10:00am

Senior Colts: 11:20am

B Grade: 12:

A Grade: 2:

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