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Membership Information


Compulsory payment for players with online registration. No cash payments accepted
All players must be registered before their first game

Senior Playing Member (A Grade / B Grade)   $100.00 + $20 online compulsory SANFL fee

Junior Colts U14s Player   $40.00 + $15 online compulsory SANFL fee

Senior Colts U17s Player $75.00 + $15 online compulsory SANFL fee

Minis U11's Player    $30.00 + $15 online compulsory SANFL fee

Minis U8's Player   $30.00 + $15 online compulsory SANFL fee

Player Declaration form must be filled in and signed then returned to your team manager.

All players need to be aware that CYFC / YPFL Insurance covers Death and Disablement only.
It is up to each individual player to provide their own health insurance as required.
The CYFC is not liable for player medical expenses.

Members & Vice Presidents

General membership   $50.00

Vice President (2 Memberships, VP Function TBA)   $400.00

Please contact  Lauren Kakoschke for more information.

Remember that you need to be a financial member to be able to vote at any Club General Meetings.

Forms updated 15/03/2022

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